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Women's clutch

Stay trendy with our mighty fine partner for any occasion. Endless Prints to choose from. Refined, flexible and good looking enough to be on your arm at events, or by your side at dinners and days out.

Utility pouch

The Utility Pouch is the humble sidekick that can make a big difference to your day. Don’t leave behind your stuff because you can’t keep track of your essentials. And don’t rummage around your bag looking for them, either.

Essential Pouch

With this Essential Pouch, wherever you sit down to work, zip open the Pouch and organize your space the way you want it. Is a sleek zip pouch for pens, pencils, cables and small personal items.

Passport wallet

Airports tend to induce a little panic in us when trying to locate our passport or tickets when we should instead be focusing on what’s beyond the airport. The Passport Wallet is designed to hold your Passport, cash, and documents for peace of mind.

Credit card wallet

Perfect for those looking to protect up to 6 business or regular cards in a slim leather holder. This Wallet allows you to organize your Plastic Money. Add a touch of professionalism next time you exchange details.

Hybrid card wallet

The hybrid Card Wallet is the slimmest style. The wallet features space for 3 Credit cards and up to 10 business cards. Don't forget to add a touch of professionalism next time you exchange details.